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Chief Executive Director


Dr. Shamsher Singh


The technical and professional knowledge is the real wealth to make the life and living of the mankind comfortable. It grows by learning and practicing new scientific laws and technologies. The Medi-Caps Group of Institutions is engaged in igniting the innocent minds in order to generate this wealth by receiving the knowledge in the fields of technologies and management. This will not only make these young people to lead a comfortable and happy life in the years to come but also make them to participate in the processes of Nation building, the grate India. The knowledge will make them worthy of competing with other nations, and bringing India on the top of the World in this century.

 Medi-Caps is a brand name in Technical and Management education in the state of Madhya Pradesh. An institute engaged in comprehensive and continuous upgrading of academic environment. The motto is quality education through innovative teaching and learning processes. The qualified and motivated faculty with a spirit of belongingness is engaged in imparting the best education to their students with an aim to achieve academic excellence. The faculty is actively involved into research with a commitment to full fill the dream of the Management. Institutes and students are the members of various professional bodies such as CSI, ISTE, IETE, IEEE etc.

 I welcome new and old students in the campus and appeal to all of them to receive the best possible education. They should not waste their time but use it to generate knowledge through hard work in the area of science and technology, and to be in discipline, which is the great strength of the Medi-Caps.



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